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Doron Cohen
Chairman and CEO

Doron is a hands-on investor, manager and founder with over 35 years of experience on both sides of the M&A table. Doron is the Founder and Executive Chairman of CB Alliance, an equity investment and operating firm. A serial entrepreneur with a focus on Business Information & Data Analytics, Doron is the Chairman of Dun & Bradstreet (Israel) and the Chairman/CEO of CIAL Dun & Bradstreet (Latin America). Doron has started and/or acquired over 30 companies in his fields of expertise, developing and launching some of the most successful products and technologies in Dun & Bradstreet’s history. Previously Doron was founder/CEO of Fidelity Holdings, a company he grew to over 600 employees and $400 million in revenue.

Yehuda Sabag
Executive Vice President

Yehuda Sabag joined Dun & Bradstreet (Israel) Ltd. in 2000 and serves as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. During the last five years, he serves as the CFO of Digital Trowel (Israel) Ltd. and Trusted Partners (Israel) Ltd. as well as of During this period, Mr. Sabag served as an independent financial consultant to privately-held companies. Mr. Sabag holds a BA degree in Accounting and Economics from Ben-Gurion University. He is certified as a Public Accountant in Israel.

Ariel Schreiber
VP Sales, Marketing and Services

Ariel has 25 years of managerial experience in the business and private markets, specializes in sales, marketing, service and business development. Served in several senior positions in leading companies in the country. Belongs to the founding generation of Partner.
Previously, he served as CEO of YouPhone (of the Alon Blue Square Group) for 4 years. Prior to that he worked for 13 years at Partner Communications in a variety of positions, including a senior manager for sales and service for the business and private markets.
Ariel holds a degree in economics and business administration from the University of Haifa.

Moshe Yidgar
DB Credit CEO - Dun and Bradstreet’s Credit Bureau

Moshe has over 20 years of computer software experience in leadership and management roles.
He has rich experience in a wide range of technologies and architecture in various roles in different companies, among others start-up companies, which were sold to Microsoft and EMC.
He has solid experience in leading complex computer software projects and developing systems and products from the early stage phase until launch.
Moshe holds a BA in Computer Science and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

Efrat Segev
Chief Data & Analytics

Over the last decade Efrat held several prominent positions in major organization in the fields of business and financial services.
During the last few years she maintained several VP positions in Dun & Bradstreet – between 2014-2018 she was Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Development VP, and today she is the Chief of Data & Analytics.
Additionally, Efrat manages the Dun’s 100 Rankings of Israel’s Leading companies.
She previously held several management positions in the strategic & planning fields of “Partner Communications”.
She is highly experienced in building models for rankings, leading strategic moves and creating new business collaborations in Israel and abroad.
She holds a BA in Economics and Psychology from Tel Aviv University and a master’s degree from Bar Ilan University. She is also a graduate of the “Maoz” program, in collaboration with Harvard University.

Ido Dardikman
VP Business Development

Ido has over 15 years of business & technological experience in which he played a role in various organizations ranging from consulting companies through tech companies such as comverse and Retalix followed by a software agency owning all the way to being an entrepreneur in a HR tech startup.
Ido hold a BSc at Industrial engineering and an MA at Law from the Bar-Ilan university.
Ido highly experienced in tech sales and deals management, running and managing software development projects and biz consulting.

Biny Peled
HR and Administration

Biny has more than 20 years of experience in organizations and managing work force.
She is qualified as HR Manager from the Israeli Center for Management Studies.
She has served as an administrative manager of a high-tech company and has in the past worked as a personal assistant and team member of a team who established a chain of convenience stores.
Biny has over 10 years of experience in organizational management and PR of the Duty Free chain stores.

Ofir Shmuel
Director of Marketing and Product Development

Ofir joined D&B in 2012 and is Director of Marketing and Product Development.
His marketing talents and experience include strategic planning, new product development, digital media marketing, inbound and outbound marketing, and more.
Ofir has a B.A. degree in communications, creation and review from Sapir College.

Udi Broyde
Production & Publishing Department Manager

Udi joined D&B in 2000 and is the production and publishing department manager of the company.
Udi has 25 years of experience in web projects, graphics and publishing productions.
He has a BA in Communication and Business Administration from the College of Management in Tel Aviv.

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